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on the south side. this public art part of a disturbing chicago trend? political cartoonist knott skirting the issue. state of emergency declared in lake county more than 100,000 people still without power may take until saturday to get almost everyone back on line. good evening top story another night without power for thousands of people the latest numbers: 132 customers without power 95,000 from the north of the city of 3800 to the south 132,000 people. lake county officials
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state of the emergency >> a horrible time here in the lake county let us show you guitry pictures of that what happened to the tree, com ed tells me power should be back onto 90 percent of customers 99 percent by midnight friday not only for residents dealing with power being caught up with devastation like this huge tree all over the place not uncommon, pulled on the ground onto a house but she and her kids were going to die when the tree fell over onto their house still waiting for it to be removed now the power problem out since monday morning >> card it no power for several days now it is very hard when i try to survive >> through most upper food out about my place is empty empty
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nothing my daughter's are crazy because they did not have television, and nothing >> without power causing serious concerns >> i had to drive to my local town to literally go and get breathing treatment ready because the hospital was over packed and more excitement in their bed outside >> all over lake county power is out traffic backed up and business is taking a hit save a pack animal shelter 230 animals living in sweltering conditions. >> we are still saving lives even in the dark opened the lights go off on it soon. >> devastated by severe weather it several times this month residents try to get answers tree fell on car and garage on that lost power hours ago >> today yes or the last three days but i did not know i think after 10:00 in the morning the
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power was gone. >> everyone is saying they are not sure how much of this they can take. >> such an ordeal for so many people wondering what the holdup is, on the telephone com ed and answers that you for taking the time we know how busy you are hearing about a downed power lines? >> there are down power lines all across the territory that is what our crews are working tirelessly to fix and we do understand the frustration with customers because they are entering into another day without power so we want them to know we are working on round- the-clock and expect the power restored by friday at midnight for all customers >> friday at midnight at the top of the newscast we said saturday almost >> we are saying friday at
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midnight there could be individual isolated outages that make up into saturday but for the most part friday night everyone back with our >> you bring in reinforcements from other states, does it feel like a sense of deja up to right now you just went through this not so many weeks ago. >> is there have been storms in a row at the same time bringing in 700 crews including crews from indiana michigan minnesota tennessee we have crews from alabama are arriving tomorrow morning at the same time com ed not that long ago provided crews to the areas that suffer to the tornadoes not that long ago and we have something called mutual assistance we are appreciative of the other utilities helping in illinois >> thank you for taking the time out of your schedule and update friday midnight lights come back on com ed spokesperson, two weeks ago a hail storm shattered
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and the glass roof of the garfield park conservatory another weather event tonight there with the costly cleanup and plans for fixing a chicago landmark. >> the hailstorm was the worst disaster to hit the conservatory in its 104 year history the clean up alone will cost $2 million and that is before any of the rebuilding begins. since its founding in 1907 there has never been a worst day for garfield park conservatory than the 12 weeks ago that brought with it a pilot tells storm the storm shattered the glass roof show house desert house and production areas visitors ignore employees can set foot in garfield park conservatory the >> is an anchor for the west side an opportunity for people all over the city and surrounding areas and even the country to come and see a world class conservatory collection of plants >> cleanup continues will last
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another four weeks conservatory leaders addressed the board of chicago park district today letting them know that just picking up the class will run about $2 million >> some of the rooms the class has to be removed by hand, every shard of glass every small piece, that is going to be time- consuming and costly. >> the park district has the assurance it will not cover all of this the class here done by hand piece by piece more than a century ago new materials and new regulations are going to cost the facility. nobody knows how much yet but $16 million is a rough estimate that my we were talking about long-term goals as a theoretical i work with companies in crisis and the only difference between what we are doing today and what i do for a living as i did not have to worry about making payroll >> grateful for the contributions that have come and from across the country and from here in the neighborhood kids have brought piggy banks to the
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front door storms may have shot at the plant shelter but they may just have nurtured a new life >> we are hoping that this kind of unfortunate disaster that we have had that we are going to be able to improve and upgrade the facility so more people can come here and to sell it is the kind of place that gets millions and millions of visitors each year >> those who would like to contribute to do so by sponsoring a glass pane of glass the bed of the nation as $250. >> last night cook at a south side barbecue restaurant step outside to smoke a cigarette in a matter of seconds he was gunned down a life ended in an instant we learn to was a family man set to try to raise kids on his own >> much more than a cook in a kitchen the man who was shot in the chest on his break was a father a brother a friend to many who was trying to do the right thing as he raised his 2 children and an increasingly
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violent community >> all of what to do is work and take care of children >> words hardly describe the pain nhlchild's heart when a little girl learns she just lost her father and he has never coming back each year old embraces her mother moments after getting the tragic news her brother joshua just six years old was still try to understand that his father 34 year-old joshua hudgins gunned down last night while working 15 years at alice's barbeque in the bronze build neighborhood >> there are people who do what they are supposed to do every day to go to work take their children to school that look at report cards a debt meetings with teachers and then something happens >> that something was likely gang crossfire and joshua hudgins was in the wake taking multiple shots to the chest never stood a chance family and friends do not believe joshua hudgins could have been the intended target >> just walked outside to take a smoke break not out there one
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minute lit a cigarette by the time he took one puppy was on the ground >> not far from the makeshift memorial outside alice as barbecued sick reminders of the homicide bullet holes that conjure up bad memories for the people who knew him so well but hopefully these surveillance cameras will reveal something police reportedly have the video in hand to review, gregory johnson hired his number one pick master about 17 years ago things get tougher on the streets every year >> you just keep on going we just keep on going ask the good lord to give us strength >> gathering place the second call to joshua hudgins and extended family at constant reminder of his death but not his sister says joshua hudgins would not have wanted it that way >> my brother that i know would want everyone to move on and do everything come together and help take care of his children >> we are asking for the family if anybody knows anything please come forward >> right now investigators
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looking to a light-colored and were model four-door car as the suspect at least two people in a car officers say the shooter in the passenger seat and one with the permission as to call chicago police >> can bring more than 1000 jobs to chicago southeast side but people are protesting a new power plant coming to town we will tell you the kids menu looking different at some chain restaurants and we are in for another cool day but did not get used with tom skilling says a heatwave can be coming our way this weekend. wgn news @ 9
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staff and new local energy plant that turns coal into synthetic natural gas >> $3 billion investment rating construction jobs jobs that maintain and operate the facility a lot of coal mining jobs as well >> not yet a done deal as existing contamination first needs to be cleaned up to the tune of $30 million. building permits yet to be issued. >> under quinn signed legislation today that paved the way for a new york based company to build a new plant here creating a new source of energy that could be used to keeheat illinois homes >> we want to build our source of natural gas as a reliable affordable and clean >> while all of the coal and more already at the proposed plant site cannot be used to create synthetic natural gas and create jobs in the process a fear by local environmentalists
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creating more pollution. with that more health concerns. >> all of this creates dust and particular matter in the air and this has been proven to cause asthma higher levels in the area and other respiratory problems >> you can see the big call now from the southeast side man's, and he says when the wind blows what john >> i opened my door sometimes and i get a mouth full of dust >> those who want the new energy plant and the jobs it would bring insist that this is a clean energy project >> further perspective the air permits that will be required and applied for here will have less of a pollution footprint than the air permits that are given to the art institute of chicago on michigan avenue >> chicago new top cop had to get out huge vacation payouts
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you may recall former superintendent jody weis walked away with a $76,000 cushion policy cannot place staff 39 unused days from year to year carrying over gary mccarthy limiting the days to 25 the way it used to be, cutting kids' meals down to size up chain restaurants came up to make childrens' menus healthier and the new marilyn monroe statue downtown causing a bit of a stir all over town the political cartoonist gives us his take on the eye popper. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah this is pretty good. are you guys alright?
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wgn news @ 9 nearly two dozen killed 80 injured today during a series of explosions in mumbai india the attacks took place during rush hour in congested areas of india's financial capital each explosion within minutes of each other one near a train station the other an opera house and finally a large market the bombings stirring memories of the 2008 mumbai attacks that killed 164 people. reports president obama abruptly walked out of a meeting with congressional leaders over raising the debt ceiling saying he had reached his limit the president became angry when republicans changed their position now wanting several short-term deals on the debt ceiling between now and next year's auction. republicans say tempers were flaring the united states could go into partial default if the debt ceiling is not raised by august second. already a bit of a jolt for the white house from investors services which says it has
9:20 pm
already begun a review of america's credit rating. childhood obesity on the rise as kids' meals are getting a makeover restaurant chains stepping up to make it easier for kids to eat healthy story >> parents can easily keep kids diets when keeping it at home but when dining out it gets tricky a new initiative by the national restaurant association and 19 major chains putting more healthy options on kids menu at more than 16,000 restaurants. participating restaurants at least one of food children's meal with 600 cals or less side dish fewer than 200 calories >> choices in the choices on the menu and a right of options >> more fruit and berry and less sodium and fat and sugar healthier options noted on the
9:21 pm
menu by the restaurant for parents to spot and children to choose >> it has become a negotiation to help bring in some of those good items into the fabric things that they know and love >> it can be tough to get children to branch out but as more restaurants get on board the goal is to make it healthier menu options just as appealing as burgers and fries >> we will figure out the exciting couple options that kids love and joy but also meet the guidelines we were talking about today >> consumer watch >> we want to hear from you should all fast food restaurants provide healthier options for kids menus? text yes or no 97999 or vote on line at results after seven day forecast >> coming up a new aids drug that promises to help prevent the disease and a new revolutionary experiment is brewing on the south side transforming a century-old meat packing plant into a micro brewery.
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steps forward in the fight against aids the canadian broadcasting company reports two new study showing daily medications prevented aids infection in africa and heterosexual men and women both studies involved the h i v medication truvada resulting in a reduced risk of getting aids by as much as 78%. here are some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow's the power outage more suburban hotels doing brisk business coping without lights and air conditioning some folks need to run medical machines others do not even have water because they rely on wells powered by electricity. tomorrow's red dye how well you know harry potter? eighth and final film opening tomorrow time to test your knowledge of potterology,
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exhausting wizard quiz and move on to the villainous voldemort exam looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow tom skilling says storms full forecast next showing us where the rain could fall. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters since time began. not anymore. ♪ ♪ fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies is a nicely designed package. ♪ ♪ now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle.
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wgn news @ 9
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a beautiful day may weather in july today literally we have a high of 74 degrees 10 degrees below normal boy is it beautiful another nice day tomorrow. it is getting awfully dry a lot of you in the northwest suburbs about 50 percent the normal rainfall since june 1st even as indiana was hard hit by brain a week and a half ago spots that have adopted more rain we can use a little did not did it today but a fascinating time lapse people on the lake low clouds that flew in from northeast wind developing beautiful weather today. people in downstate at the noise breathing a sigh of relief after saying goodbye to 100 degree heat, back into texas and oklahoma today that is going
9:30 pm
to move and a big part of the weather story late this weekend and next week we are going to get thunderstorm clusters forming on the periphery of that in north west los situation. hot dog begins to expand. still a couple days away hot dome expand. anticipating a beginning of a northwest flow situation cloud cover filtering in the sunlight you can see showers eastbound right here pushing into the lovely high pressure that we had in the area today probably will not make progress. into the chicago area until late tomorrow night some areas did not get above 70 today the first day we did not have an official 80 and 18 days, 68 degrees and highland park chicago area 70 degrees you can see beatings and lead in the '70s and near 80 degrees
9:31 pm
beautiful 65 with a northwest wind tonight at o'hare airport. the view from a geneva look at what is calling on east actually down south this is missouri where there was arraigned today but out east look at the rain that came in here another view from western virginia big rain in that area. the system bring them relief from the heat coming into the area. stores tomorrow will flare to the west and north and get closer and we will watch these from the northwest later in the week because they might end up producing thunderstorms around here. they are going to lead us into a hot humid weekend with 91 and scattered storms on saturday getting into the mid- 90s sunday and into next week short-term ratings tonight
9:32 pm
reaching the 50s in the suburbs 60s and lead at close to 80 degrees tomorrow cooler at the lake front mid-70s that the beaches 60s tomorrow night mid- 80s on friday by the time we get to saturday close to 90 degrees. in anticipation of the heat wave there are heat advisories kansas city tulsa area under excessive heat advisories we have a tornado watch thunderstorm watch it, brought up to the north and all of this air hot air dome including the squall line up around the periphery we happen to be added as part of the country right now hottest they're pulling back for a while and temperatures are very pleasant which is where it will stay during the day tomorrow almost like autumn is 55 degrees at this hour in marquette michigan but the
9:33 pm
temperatures are starting to increase that is the big dome of warm air developing we are cooler than we were last night because of the northeast wind coming off of high pressure towards canada and the dew point is low moderate values of mold spores and we'd paulette we do think clouds tomorrow mixed with sunshine as the day goes on rain during the day turned cloudy it later in the day showers and thunderstorms could come in tomorrow night. high-pressure holding for a while another day of easterly wind as the humidity begins to improve the thunderstorms around the perimeter and as it moves to the east the band will turn more southerly over the weekend firing storms appear. the jet stream watch this very much like what happened last friday when we started to have storms of their the jet stream brought them down into the area as the key to the west, brought moisture. ultimately the key to
9:34 pm
win and take over here. we will still hit the 90s by the time we get to sunday. storm clusters here forming lines and they go southeastward and a couple of these could clip the chicago area we will see if they do come and they tend to come in with gusty wind that does not dominate the day so i am not sure if we will get drought relief for those drive but be aware friday and saturday before the hot air takes h old and it gets h ot around here, clouds comfortable twoooo 59 o'hare field, tomorrow east southeast went 5-14 mi. per hour were partly cloudy and 63 degrees at night with a mix of sun and clouds warmer with humidity creeping higher thursday not technically a humid day height 84 degrees may be a dust
9:35 pm
thunderstorm better chance at night we may have one on saturday also, then it gets very hot we will tell you how hot or how long next week most expansive warm spell so far this summer. >> up next you need to see how they are doing this a brand new chicago brewery joining with other food producers moving into an old meat packing plant working together to get off of the grid and become totally self sustaining we will show you the first step toward a lofty goal.
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multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. an urban experiment underway on chicago's south side transforming the old meat packing plant into chicagos first vertical farm already houses a tilapia farm, aquaponic gardens and the beginnings of a micro brewery all food based businesses that will feed each other in a closed eco system. >> this is a brewery we are in right now this building was built in 1896. this particular room used to be outside. very fun to tell people that we are brewers >> not a lot to look at yet in this building known as the plan
9:39 pm
to the ground level space will house the new chicago brewing co. >> a very good beer town already, chicago a long way to go we are going to produce something we feel is under represented and that is strong ales >> the building holds relics from it's meat packing past old signs random butcher knives and stacks of empty beer bottles but these two brothers have a vision >> the building when you walk into it you'll see giant windows all of the brewing and equipment in front of the windows stainless steel tanks will be lit up going to look like a work of art >> we have had to convince people that this was a good idea we have had to do a lot of physical labor to get the building ready >> the evans brothers grew up in the champagne area moved to chicago when they turned 18 headed to california wine country turns out wine was not the things of that began experimenting with home brewing >> we went to whole foods with our recipes and showed them what we are making in california and
9:40 pm
they absolutely loved it a catalyst for growth for our whole brewery we have since moved on and cam back to chicago to build this >> they needed a home they found one when they read an article in mindful metropolis magazine about john edel, he bought the plant and looking place socially conscious tenants who could work together to create their on power and handle their own waste >> we are creating something out of nothing essentially the building was meant to be something torn down so we are saving the building and making it new making the beer almost 100% off of the grid >> with the help of insanely creative students and staff at the illinois institute of technology production processes of building tenants are being combined for instant the tilapia will feed on the nutrient rich by-products of beer production in a system that also grows micro greens mushrooms and herbs, >> they are growing spices and chiles and crazy ingredients that will be made in this building that we can use in our
9:41 pm
beers >> gardens have been planted in the gravel parking lot to grow hops and grains needed for brewing beer, the green thumbs in this place also do the demolition work for free though volunteer nights are being planned which will involve free beer >> people just want to be near a brewery and we understand completely what that is like >> these guys i love them and want to see them succeed so it is exciting for me just to see them reach their goal >> so if all goes as planned the kettles will arrive in the fall of the the evans brothers will restore jobs to the neighborhood and a new industrial revolution will see the sign of change from peer to beer >> it is like validation that no one is crazy we are doing something big here >> they hope to pour their first beer next march 4th chicagos 175th anniversary you can sign up for updates and special
9:42 pm
events to the new chicago brewing co. facebook page, information on how to volunteer and much more on how the plant process works and a video link to the story if you text the word cover to 97999. the marilyn monroe statue, not towering over michigan avenue political cartoonist scott stantis has seen it and will explain why he is not an and plenty of fans jumping on the teen usa band wagon later in sportspñúxbxpl@?
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fiber one. wgn news @ 9 a giant statue of hollywood legend marilyn monroe being set up on michigan avenue complete with the famous dress with the wind and flying up however chicago tribune and political artist coach pokey chatman wonders if the piece of art rather belongs in the windy city >> great news chicago has a new icon. we here have been treated public art like the high ball the picasso and daley plaza and until recently the american gothic pioneer plaza that last one made sense because you know the unbridgeable is over at the
9:46 pm
art institute but now we have a huge marilyn monroe going up really? i am not kidding. anyway i was wondering what does an image that has so much to do with new york have to do with chicago? then it struck me. my stantis for now be sure to enter this week's cartoon caption writing contest i want to hear what you have to say >> tom skilling what the weather will be like this week that >> not bad tomorrow i think this weekend is going to be pretty warm particularly as we get out of thunderstorm chances from saturday that is when the key to locke said late tonight 65 degrees a day that featured in a level temperature as we mentioned earlier the way the temperatures looked across north
9:47 pm
america tonight the seat has settled south to texas and oklahoma are around the big clusters of storms forming lighter showers in the dakotas. look at what happens exactly the pattern that the bus thunderstorms one week ago on friday 98 degree heat the jet stream diving from lake michigan or lake superior through indiana into kentucky storming up it to fire up their doubt such a front in what is called upon the jet stream like that northwest flow situation, that as he expands into the west and midwest and areas west of us and ultimately look at this the hottest air mass of the season the most expansive by our count 39 states may see 90 degree or higher temperatures by the time we get to monday of next week. you can see how expensive it is pushing after a couple of days of flirting with the area out of here on sunday and monday by
9:48 pm
tepid here monday locked up to bring as a thunderstorm and weak final passage tuesday night turning the wind off of the lake and the key to building back again stepping up friday of next week. so it looks on the surface weather maps the colors represent wind you can see the wind going the strongest yellow and red areas tuesday night look at what happens later next week on this depiction way to turning southwest returning how to get end of next week once the heat gets in here will stick around for a while we have not had a spell like that for a few years with a string of 90 degree temperatures. a forecast tomorrow tolerable with mid-70s that the beaches 84 degrees on friday with the chance of a dusty thunderstorm tomorrow night for part of the day on friday and to get a chance for a thunderstorm or to again ominous looking show clouds and gusty wind passing to the area quickly
9:49 pm
might be a solution to the rain problem trying out again and it will just be hot tracking this in the days to come. >> converted from coal to natural gas into the cook county commissioner's special visitors all and the chicago tribune photos of the day: more photos
9:50 pm
on the website and chicago tribune dot com apparently blackhawks like to get their coming up why it to on the ice landed at o'hare this morning, a cubs legend next in sports. verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done !
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history made an american soccer 1999 >> these guys have one before it looks like they will win again the united states women's soccer team can never match the game against brazil secondly the united states women plank france world cup semifinal today hope solo company should have been more worried about a letdown tied with 78 men that storming the goal and abby wambach saves them on sunday go ahead goal
9:54 pm
today 2-1, broke french spirit, alex morgan puts game on ice usa into world cup final against japan over france. camp day chicago sky matinee against tulsa all state of reno, epiphany prince off the bounce taj gibson in the front row taken in the show as usual sylvia fowles the big ticket showing off their also had 13 boards as the sky pulled away late to win it 72-54 coach coach pokey chatman happy about the win but not thrilled about 19 turnovers >> same mistakes over and over at some point the board is maturity do your damn job that is what you are supposed to do not the first three-quarters >> you are going to hear a lot
9:55 pm
about the black hawks next few days with the annual convention coming up this weekend and the debut blackhawks restaurant which was grandly opened this morning in terminal two with them there is everywhere past and present the restaurant a joint venture with stanley's a big hawks hangout near the united center very nice with memorabilia to check out patrick kane checking out the new muscle on the black hawks' roster dan carcillo and others like him what he sees >> cannot have more than a dot on a team but our team you look at some many skilled players we have last year kind of we got exposed not protected and not as may be years before so we did a great job of doing things that needed to be done >> phil mickelson may or not the may not be america's best hope going into the british open downwind drive 390 yds and
9:56 pm
into the bed at 220 phil mickelson tees off at 2:21 p.m. thursday afternoon 821 a.m. chicago time not sure what to expect >> a number of issues but the biggest has been the putting on the greens but the ball rolls true but i have not read them while and support a turnaround last week and i am looking forward to putting this week i hope it is good >> would not count on that not much new in football talks today and the head of the nba players' union wanted anyone to go play in europe that are digging in for a long work stoppage yesterday all star game big moment heath bell the shell steaming out of the bullpen in the eighth inning and did what relief pitchers never get the chance to do national league wins paul konerko bounces out to starlin castro to add to the
9:57 pm
game and the show for the cubs of this year at eye of another cubs all-star infielder >> he continues to put himself into those situations where he can learn and the more experience he can gain the better so he is handling himself well and there is a lot thrown at him the last two years but he is really taking it in well and is adjusting >> good night everybody.
9:58 pm
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